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by Caution Automatic



released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Shooting Tuvia
Sun in your face
The moon in your name
Ancient Chinese children's games
You wear your earrings like a plague
Hands on your face
It's the nature of faith
so kill your idols just the same
Makes them valid makes them brave
Track Name: Murka Needs A Bed
Shadows in the attic
Filled with bones and cobwebs
Soaking through the mattress
Ghosts will guide the fog in
And then begins this is the end
Cut straight through the forest
Slinging bows and arrows
Blood stained red vined basket
Silent eyes that follow
The face of Greece
The heart of Rome
Track Name: Intimate Apparel
I can't ride this rollercoaster
Always been about these
Highs and lows
Scars still show
Twenty seven years of frozen
Winter words that fell
Like feathered snow
Like flowers grow
Track Name: The Dutchess of Cromwell
Birthright of a killer's baby
Seemed so real it seemed so scary
Counting all the gravestones
Photograph could capture your soul
Frame safe to keep both eyes closed
Going all the way home
Immature as innovation
Hard to keep up
hard to mention
Into rubber skin bones
Figurine kept in fortune's scene
Made with magic
Made it with dreams
Garden of the dead known
Keep both eyes closed
Track Name: Sibling Rivalry
People as things and damn these feelings for them
Eyes closed from this laughter instead of boredom
Holding a pose like you're some twenties actress
Still smell the rain beads on your vinyl jacket
Like foreign films your life poignant and passing
Kept my stolen pair of clown red sunglasses
Smile like a queen New York girl with thrift store jeans
Drama can't dream your face if you're not sleeping
Track Name: Hospital Bed
Doctors and nurses
Your life was a curse that you lived
No use in crying
You know that you're dying... you give
Black coal and diamonds
You're death is an Island where I live
Blue eyes they rate you
But they'll isolate you
When you're not there
Try and be subtle
With soft words you muttered
The moonlight praise
It all makes sense
Track Name: Truant Song
Beneath these cold lungs
You're screaming in yellow
On Thursday when time stops
You martyr truants blood
Track Name: Galileo
Please don't move that rug
It's this bottomless pit that I've drawn
Pulled from bits and pieces
Tiny fragments held by strands of yarn
Rumplestilskin's linen clean cloth
Cars cast shadows to the left side
Street lights capture eyes
Through this vacant night
Empty canvas lumps of clay your face
It was mine to paint
It was mine to shape
Keep that door closed less you want
To watch the bones pour out like
Niagara Falls
Are they home or tourist
Dead stars shine their ancient
Light on us
Galileo's memoirs rendered